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Website is a network of friends. With your information, the Website handles what you can expect from your friends. Website takes your privacy very seriously and will handle your information with great care. To guarantee your privacy, Snoeten always acts in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The website also works with interest groups and participates in various initiatives in the field of privacy protection.

This document sets out the Website Privacy Policy. The provisions apply to both members of the Website and non-members. Website therefore advises you to read this Privacy Policy carefully.

1What information does Website collect and process?

1.2 Account

In order to make optimal use of the services that Website offers, you must create a personal Website account. When you create such an account, you can enter certain information about yourself. Not all information must be provided, only your name and surname, e-mail address, date of birth and username are required. This data is sufficient to use the Website. Only when creating a business account, a telephone number must also be entered and the business form specified.


If you wish, you can add more information about yourself to your profile, such as a profile photo, your living situation, your education, interests and brands. This is useful for other users who view your profile, but also for Website because this way Website can be better adapted to your wishes.


When creating your Website account you can indicate who can see your account (Nobody, Friends, Friends of friends, Everyone or a selection that you make yourself).


During the creation of your Website account you can also indicate that you wish to receive information from third parties by e-mail.

1.3 Automatically Generated Information

In order for Website to work optimally (for example, to be able to display pages properly and to secure the site), Website needs certain information. Website therefore collects automatically generated information about your surfing behavior during your use of the Website. This information consists of your IP address (number of your computer that makes it possible to recognize your computer), the type of browser (computer program to view Internet pages), the computer system that you use, account number, the pages that you Website visits and "cookies".



By using the services of Website, various cookies can be placed on your computer, and access to those cookies can be obtained. Cookies are small pieces of (text) information that a server sends to the browser (for example Internet Explorer or Firefox) with the intention that the browser will send this information back to the server on a subsequent visit. Cookies from Website cannot damage your computer or the files on your computer.


It depends on which browser you use or how you can indicate in the settings thereof which cookies you want to have saved or not and which cookies may be accessed. To help you as much as possible, we provide more information below about which cookies are used by the Website.


When visiting the Website, own Website cookies and cookies from third parties can be placed. Own cookies are made by or for Website, are stored by Website on your computer and Website has access to those cookies. These are also called first party cookies. Such cookies are used by the Website, for example, to remember your language settings or to ensure that you do not see the same advertisement too often.


Third party cookies are made by third parties, are stored on your computer by third parties, and third parties have access to those cookies. These are also called third party cookies. It is important to know that the Website has no control over and / or knowledge of the content and operation of these 'third party cookies'. The website cannot be held responsible for these cookies. Website will endeavor to ensure that only advertisements from reliable advertisers are placed on Website.


You can set your browser so that you do not receive cookies during your next use of the Website. In that case, however, it may happen that you cannot use all the possibilities of the Website or that you do not have access to (parts of) the Website.


If you want to use cookies, make sure you log out if you leave a public computer. Also keep your password secret to prevent others from using your Website account without your permission.

Types of cookies

A functional cookie to indicate that you accept cookies on the Website and those of our partners.
A functional cookie that keeps you logged in to the Website.
A functional cookie that keeps you logged in to the Website.

3For what purposes will Website use information about you?

3.1Use by Website

Website may use the personal information about you for the following purposes:


To offer the services of Website.


Website uses the information about Members to offer its services, so to make Website work and to be able to offer additional services.


To communicate with you about Website and to send you information about Website's own services.


For example, Website uses your information to answer your questions about the website and to update you about Website services.


We at Website hate spam, and assume that you too. Website will only send you information about Website services if we think we will do you a favor.


You will also receive notifications about various events (for example for a friend request or when it is one of your friends' birthday) and a friend's newsletter (a bi-weekly email with the latest photos, videos, blogs, advertisements & tips from your friends).


To adapt the Website to your wishes and needs.


Website uses the information about you to better tailor Website to your wishes and needs. For example, information about you can be used to ensure that you see advertisements that suit you better. For example, the Website tries to prevent male Members from seeing sanitary napkin advertisements, and female Members from advertising razor blades (men who are nevertheless interested in sanitary pads can indicate that).


Website may use the information that you post on the website in any media for marketing or promotional purposes in connection with the services provided by Website (see also Article 5.2 of the Terms of Use). Website will not use your information for marketing or promotional purposes of third parties without your permission.


For security and to compile anonymous statistical data.


As mentioned above, your automatically generated information also includes your IP address. Website records these addresses to determine from which computers Website is visited to protect hacking attempts. But even if Members are harassed or with fake profiles of existing people, we can use this data to find perpetrators. The website also uses the automatically generated information for compiling anonymous user statistics. Third parties who compile user statistics for the Website and perform web analyzes can be provided with automatically generated information, including your IP address.

3.2Use by third parties

Only if you have given explicit permission for this, Website can send you an e-mail message from a third party so that you can receive free nice offers and discounts from partners of Website.


For the rest, the Website will only provide your details to third parties if it is required to do so on the basis of (inter) national laws or rules or case law.

4Third party services


Third-party services are also offered on the Website website. If you use such services, you may need to provide your personal information to a party other than the Website. This is the case, for example, with Website Mobile and Website Checkout.


The Website site may also contain hyperlinks (for example in banners) with which you leave the Website and end up on the website of another party. Website has no control over services and / or websites of third parties that are linked to. It is therefore possible that a different privacy policy applies to the use of these services and / or third-party websites. This Website Privacy Policy only relates to (personal) data obtained through the Website website. Website does not accept any responsibility or liability for (the operation and / or content of) services and / or websites of third parties.


Furthermore, the Website gives third parties the opportunity to develop applications based on the Website API. These are, in short, applications that use the Website. These applications are made by third parties that are not affiliated with the Website. They are therefore not made by, for or on behalf of the Website. Website has no influence on the operation of these applications or what happens with your data, if you use such an application. If you give an application permission for the use of your (personal) data, this also falls outside the responsibility of the Website

5How does Website protect your personal information?


Website takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your (personal) data against loss or against any form of unlawful processing. For example, passwords are stored in encrypted form, so that no-one can access it even when editing the Website.

6Transfer to countries outside the EU


For technical and operational reasons it may be necessary for your (personal) data to be transferred (to servers of) companies affiliated with the Website and / or Advertisers in the United States or other countries outside Europe. All information on the website of Website is stored on very powerful computers (servers). These servers are currently located in the Netherlands. However, it is possible that in the future the Website would like to store the information on the website, for example, on servers in another country. If that is the case, the information on Members' profiles will therefore also be stored abroad. Because the regulations in the field of privacy protection may not offer the same protection as in the European Union, you hereby agree, if necessary, that your (personal) data can be transferred to the United States or other countries outside Europe. Should the Website proceed at any time, members will always be informed about this first


Take note of, change and deletion of your data


You can always view your own (personal data and if necessary change or delete it in your account).


If you want to remove your profile from Website, you can. After you have deleted your profile, the Website will delete all your personal data. This means that your profile has really disappeared and that you cannot get your profile back if you want to use the Website again at a later time. It is also possible that your personal data will still be in backups after deletion until those backups are deleted.

7Can minors use the Website?


In principle, anyone can use the Website and anyone can create a Website account. It is important, however, that special legal rules apply to persons who are not yet sixteen (16) years old. If you are not yet sixteen (16) years old, you must have permission from your parents or guardian before creating a Website account. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you guarantee that you are sixteen (16) years or older or have permission from your parents / guardian to create an account.

8Can this Privacy Policy be changed?


It is possible that this Privacy Policy will be expanded or changed in the future. That will then be on this page, so it is useful to regularly check here.